App dev and marketing

You’ve been dreaming up an idea for an app, but don’t know how to bring it to life. In this package, 3twenty9 Design will custom design your app and make it work for your business. Then, Hello Social Co. will market your new app, generating downloads, using social media.

Accessing the web through a mobile device has quickly become more common than traditional desktop-based browsers. 3twenty9 offers multiple solutions based on what your needs are.

Responsive Web Applications

Mobile browsers are getting better with every update. Many visitors don't want to install a mobile application just to check business hours, buy a product, or login to your enterprise portal. 3twenty9 offers responsive web design services to optimize your website for mobile devices of all sizes.

Native Mobile Applications

3twenty9 is excited to offer mobile application design and development services for iOS and Android devices. Our mobile applications rely on the Appcelerator Titanium framework. We can also integrate mobile solutions with new or existing websites, databases, and web services.

Desktop Applications

3twenty9 builds cross platform desktop apps with web technologies. You and your clients can have online and offline desktop access to your new app.

App Marketing

While 3twenty9 builds your app, Hello Social Co. will work with you to refine your marketing message and narrow your focus so you can effectively reach your target market. Using your input, targeted marketing and social channels we will build a solid foundation of interest.

Starting Duration:

Starting Investment:

12 months

$1,000 Monthly

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